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You Wouldn’t Surrender Your Child To A Shelter, Would You?

That is the question.  At least part of it.  The answer in most certainly NO if you are a decent human being. Everyone would be up in arms if you dropped your kid off at the shelter because you were moving, getting a divorce, were allergic to the kid etc.  That last bit probably tipped you off where I’m going.

Why in the hell would you do that to your pet, a part of your family that you chose to take in, care for and love?  Why do you think a pet is disposable, able to be given back, let run free or passed off just because it becomes an inconvenience for you?  I’m sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

You chose to have a pet, just like you chose to have a kid.  You made the decision to say; “I am going to be responsible for this living creature”  You need to stick to that, and do what it takes to see that your pet is safe, and with you.

Now, you may choose to disagree, or give me crap because I don’t have any human kids.  That was my choice, much like many of you have chosen to have human kids.  I have four-legged kids with fur, because that is my choice, so don’t bring that topic into this mix, as that’s not the point.

The point is, you are equally responsible for a furkid as you are for a human kid.  How many of our shelters are full of animals that need loving homes because their previous humans were too irresponsible and for lack of better word, stupid to care for them and failed to make wise decisions.

Can you imagine the outcry from organizations if parents started dumping their unwanted kids at shelters in the ease they do pets?  You would have so many people up in arms demanding fair treatment, demanding that parents take responsibility.  Just think, of kids stuck in little cages hours a day, only out for short times to exercise and play.  That would be called inhumane.

In short, if you can’t tell, I’m rather pissed at the amount of pets that end up in shelters, left on the street, or worse.

If you can’t handle the responsibility of a furkid, don’t get one.  puppies and kittens grow up like human kids, however you cannot kick your furkid out when they hit 18 and expect them to live on their own.