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Wrapping Up Behind The Walls

We have spent many, many hours running power around for the 12 and 120v systems, speaker wire and A/V cables. Finally we have the paneling on the walls and are ready for the soft touch vinyl to show up from Jazz Sales on Monday.  We opted for the gray appaloosa color, which should go well with the flooring we found, and cabinets.


We located, by chance, bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators near us, on clearance.   We picked up enough to cover the main floor, as well as the center 1/3rd of the ceiling.  At .99/sq ft, it was something we couldn’t pass up.  We had found vinyl flooring at first, but it was triple the price, and still looked cheap.  While we are aware of the potential for issues with the wood, the bamboo should be the most resilient of the choices, and is real wood, not easy to damage laminate.


The cabinets will be hand-made, as they are completely custom for the space we have to work with.  Opting for a pantry in the corner of the space, next to the kitchenette, gives more storage space.  More images to come on that as they are finished.  They will be made from maple to keep a higher-end feel in the space.


We decided to add a few extra LED lights inside, and opted to wire in a 3-way switch for the lights over the sleeper. You can control them either from the main entrance or up in bed.  Also, I wound up with an extra strip of LED, so I added it under the entry running board.  Last summer, it was too dark, and the only light was a blinding overhead LED light.


On the lighting topic, there is an LED strip under the sleeper in the event you need to check on power, or simply want some more lighting.  All 4 lights in the stock area were replaced with 6K LED fixtures, and the halogen load lights were replaced also with LED.  This took a 15 amp draw alone, down to less than 4amps.  A big win if you’re trying to conserve power off the grid.


We did splurge a little and spend the money on the typical Jensen stereo you see in many new finished units.  It supports about every media type, has HDMI output to run to the TV that came with the trailer originally.  The unit also support bluetooth and has an app you can run on your phone to control the unit outside the trailer.  We ran an HDMI cable from the sleeper area to the TV, with auxiliary audio to the Jensen to support a tablet or other HDMI compliant device to send video the to panel.  The Jensen comes with 3 sets of speaker outputs, however I didn’t want to turn this thing into a rolling dance party, so I went with a set of 4 BOSS speakers with decent reviews on Amazon.  6.5″ and they tucked up into the ceiling well with only a little shaving of the insulation.  I had enough of a dilemma to poke a hole thru the side fro the AM/FM antenna, and two more big holes for speakers is not appealing.


Tris found a nice carpet remnant at Menard’s for the sleeper area and steps, and there will be more to come on that in coming posts, along with the rest of the interior finishes.


Also, more to come as we frame in the cabinets, fridge, bench and figure out the placement for the sink and kitchen table.

Inside Paneling
Floor, Cabinet and Wall colors
LED External Lighting
Stock Lighting
Jensen Head Unit
DVD output from Jensen
Carpet for sleeper area