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Adding in 12v Power

Among all the other items I’ve been working on in the trailer, like wrapping up the framing, deciding with the Mrs. on how to finish it out and arrange the kitchenette (which we did change our mind and are adding a sink), I’ve been working my way thru the electrical.  Today, I was finally able to flip on the 12v onboard power, and it was a wonderful day.


Here are some of the stats:

  • Parallax 50A/30A converter/inverter
  • Load Monitor
  • Sun Force solar charger
  • Renogy 100W panel
  • Complete LED lamping in the living quarters and stock area
  • LED load-light conversion from legacy halogen.


I picked up the dual battery case from Jazz Sales and will be adding the second deep cycle nearer completion.  We’ve added in a primary disconnect to shut off the main line when needed. It will retain a live line for the Jensen head unit we’re installing.


The Parallax converter is a 50A DC, & 30A AC unit, which should handle any of the DC needs (which really, is LED lighting, stereo system, and water pump. We’ll also have some underbody LED lighting for at night. The overhead door LED could be mistaken for a solar flare.  I thought it would also be wise to add LED under the gooseneck so you have easy access to light if you need to get in the battery box, spare tire or crank.  Under the sleeper is also where the access to the shore power is, an exterior 110V outlet and the water inlet (unless we relocate that to the side)


A Bright Idea

I decided the swap out the old bulbs for LED lights in the stock area and load lights, as between the two sets, it was pulling over 15A.  This should now be under 5A once fully converted.  A nice change if you need to seek shelter in the back end, or require load lights at night for whatever reason.  The main goal in re-lamping was to cut back on power consumption if we are off the grid, as we’re about 50/50 for access to power when out with the critters.  The living quarters will have 10 LED ceiling mounted lights for night time, 8 in the cabin (2 on a 3-way switch over the bed) and the last two over the kitchenette.


We’re going to add in a Jensen head unit which is BT compatible and supports DVD and HDMI.  This should work well with the TV that came with the trailer. It will also have a secondary feed via a plug up near the nose. This allows you to plug in a phone or Plex/Pi unit.  Nothing overboard here on the audio setup, and I’ll detail those specs out later on.


The 30A on the AC side should handle the air conditioner, fridge, microwave, and heater. (likely not all at the same time).  More details on that later as well.

Here are a few photos of the wiring stuff we’ve been putting in.  Anything inside will be removed and paneling put up and finalized hard-wired in of course. There will be no butt-connectors used here.  All terminations or joints will be crimped, soldered and shrink tubed to ensure a solid connection.