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Weekly Recap

Well, it’s been a pretty great week overall.

It started with a local group I’ve been providing video services to requesting me to come back for a third year starting Fall, 2011 again.  I of course said yes, because it’s a great group, I’m learning while working, and I don’t mind a little extra money in the bank.

I finally resolved the issue with my recently acquired GoPro camera.  After working with their support and determining the focus was faulty, I shipped the old one back, and they promptly sent me a new one.. actually NEXT DAY.  I’m quite satisfied with the level of support I received during this interaction, and I will certainly continue raving about how awesome this little camera is.  While I haven’t had a chance to really test it, aside from a quick bike ride, and messing around the house, I’m really looking forward to using it this weekend, which brings me to the next topic.

MSEA Steam Up is this weekend at Larson Welding in Fargo, ND.  I’ll be headed up there to visit Rollag friends, and also take some photos and video for the upcoming Avery/New-Way Feature this year at the Rollag show.  I came up with a mag-mount for the GoPro, so, hopefully, I can attach it on the Prony Brake, or a steamer, basically stick it somewhere I don’t really feel face putting myself, or my FX1.

Thursday, I had the opportunity to take some photos of our staff at Jobs2Web for an upcoming redesign of our own career site.  That was a good time, and had a chance to interact with some of my co-workers beyond a “Hey, scrape this for me” conversation.  I’ll be doing some video work for them later this spring, as well as returning as the photo guy for the 2011 Collaborate event.

Recently, I flipped my listing agent for the house, and so far, we’ve had 4 requests to show the house in the next week, so lets hope that this trend continues, and the place sells quickly now that we’re entering the prime real-estate season.  I’ll be spending next weekend getting the back yard in top shape, and also refinishing the decks, so everything looks nice and pretty.

As for the fitness topic – I got out 3 evenings this week, Thursday was just a bust with rain and overall crappy weather, and other stuff to address at home before taking off.  – I hopped on the scale this week, and saw no change.. Which, I’m OK with.  I’m not going up, so that’s a positive thing.  Just means I need to keep working on the running and riding to start on that downhill slide to a slimmer mid-section.

Have a good weekend!