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Week in Review

Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru the week,
my attempt at the diet was meager and meek.

The projects were mounting all day and all night,
so the bottles of rum, were starting to feel light.

Parties and food were very abundant,
and complaining about workouts have become quite redundant.

So yeah, it’s been a rough last few weeks between the Holiday season and the eating that goes along with it, the great Holiday party from work last week, not feeling well for a day, and in general apathetic laziness over the weekend and resorting to take-out and eating out instead of staying in.

So, I am resorting back to boring food 101. I’m failing to do a good job with the suppertime meals, since I’m cooking for more than just me. So after a little chat about meals at home, I’m reverting back to my boring suppers from 2 years ago when I did well.. Chicken breast, some rice and either a salad or some green beans. That will be my Mon-Thu plan, along with my previously mentioned breakfast and lunch plans. Getting back into the 4-day a week workouts as well now that I have my pressing projects completed.

Otherwise, running out the last two weeks of 2010 with a little vacation day, and finishing up a few web projects and just doing some hibernating. Right now, planning to stick around the cities for Christmas and NYE, but who knows, those plans can change.

What are you doing for the Holidays? Have you started the melee of musical families and endless meals and company parties? I’d like to hear your plans from plans to combatting the holiday feasts!