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Valve Adjustments

I’ve always had a little bit of valve chatter on Trouble, and I thought as long as I’m running thru the mechanicals I should check out the adjustments of all the valves.  After doing some looking online and finding a few good references on YouTube, I was able to find the correct spacing for the intake and exhaust valves. (


I did have only a few valves with very small adjustments, and 2 with significant adjustments.  Overall, not too bad for an engine with only 65k miles, but that sat for 30 years.  Likely replacing the springs would help some, but overall things look good now.  The majority of the chatter is done and gone with.  The one thing I did notice, is that upon replacing the valve cover gasket, the cover seems to be bent near the back, causing some oil to weep out.  I’ll likely replace the cover and put in another new gasket and some seal to help cut back on the oil leakage.  It’s not much, but anything I can cut down in terms of oil/fluids leaking out, the better.  I don’t anticipate having the capacity to pull the engine for quite a few years yet, so I’ll have to make do with what I can triage right now.


On to the next items.  Carb rebuild and fuel line/tank replacement!

52 Chevy Valve Adjustments