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Truck Norris


This should have been started some time ago, but I simply didn’t get around to it.


In the Spring of 2016, MissTris and I picked up a 2005 F350.  We also purchased a 1999 Sundowner, so we could pull the horses around the region for riding and camping.  These both came from Arena Trailer Sales in Cannon Falls.


Here’s what we came home with:


2005 F350 Dually with 92k miles on it.  It spent the first 5 years of its life in Kentucky hauling horses. Then, spent the second 5 years just north of the Cities hauling horses for a family.  We assume that the pick-up was stored in the winter. It had low miles and a lack of any substantial rust or other evidence of Minnesota winters.


We aptly named the pickup Truck Norris, or King George, since it’s a King Ranch edition.  Overkill for the job, quite possibly.  It was within budget and while it needed some TLC, it was a solid buy.  It had been bullet-proofed in 2015, (new head gaskets, head studs, EGR delete and turbo rebuild).  Had it not, it would have not even been considered.

Some Details:

Upon the first test drive, it was far more of a comfortable ride than I expected from a 1-ton dually.  It did have road noise and engine noise which were to be expected. However, the actual ride itself was far better than anticipated.  Sure, it’s no Town Car, and I’m sure the newer models are even better, but this sure exceeded what I had imagined.


Being the King Ranch package, it had all the bells and whistles, short of the Home Link module, which I found odd.  I have since added it in myself.  The audio was rather lack-luster which has also partially been addressed.  The seats were not torn, but had surely seen use, and would be my primary target on detailing.  There was one small blemish in the left rear quarter and barely visible unless you looked close.  The tailgate had been swapped out to a V-notch goose-heck hitch for more easily hooking up to your trailer.


Truck Norris

There was a heavy spray in bed-liner and little sign of box-abuse.  Overall, short of an elevated level of detailing (which most people simply don’t do), the truck was in good condition, and a little money and a lot of time would have the truck looking, and running solid.


Not Minding the MPG:

Since I work remotely full-time, I was not terribly concerned about the 12-14mpg.  Other than the EGR delete from the bullet proofing, I cannot track any other evidence of tuning, and since we need this vehicle to stick around for awhile, I have no plans to add a tune to increase the mileage.  It’s a 1-ton dual diesel pickup, it’s not a Prius, and I’m OK with that, I can run the Prius over.  Coming from a Tahoe which got 14-18mpg depending on driving and towing habits, I was not falling over dead with the mileage.  I put on maybe 100 miles a week, unless we travel, and can get nearly a month of errands from a fill-up.


Follow along for the things we’ve done, and what we’ve learned along the way, being our first diesel pickup.  Apologies for the lack of photos on some projects.  A) my phone had a total failure during a backup in Mid 2016, all historical photos lost.  B) sometimes my hands were too filthy to use the phone.