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The Vikings Do Not Need a New Stadium

The title could also read “The Vikings Do Not DESERVE A New Stadium”

Instead of going on about tractors or convertibles, I thought I’d offer up a topic a little more heated and of interest to more people.  That is the notion that the Vikes get a new stadium.

To me, this is a completely stupid, asinine, and moronic consideration.  Why do they need a new stadium?  It’s certainly not because they’ve been an outstanding team and need more space to seat all of the fans that currently cannot fit in the Dome.  It’s not because they are being evicted from their current stadium.  They had the opportunity to buy the Dome for a buck if I recall. It’s not because their stadium has been destroyed.  Mind you, the Dome has a brand new roof on it!

They want a new stadium because.. well.. Of all the reasons given, I can’t think of a valid one.

Now, They may have their reasons, and in some cases I would not argue them, however, in this situation I have a big problem with it.

1) They want state and taxpayer funding. – Why?  Based on this notion, why can’t I ask the government and taxpayers to give me money to build a new house, or buy that Ford F350?  Am I a stellar citizen, do I help ratings on TV, due I generate enough revenue to justify it.  HECK NO I DON’T.

If the Vikes want a new stadium, they need to pony up the cash, not expect essentially a stadium bailout.  I could possibly understand the City wanting to pitch in to help improve surrounding aesthetics and services above and beyond, but not covering the cost of running the services to the facility.  Again, do I ask the city to pay for my sewer and power to be paid for when I build a new home?  NO.  That’s out of my pocket.

2) They aren’t a stellar team!  I could see an easier time if the team was consistently getting to bowls, championships and has a standing track record of wins.. Take the Packers or Pats for example.  They have a consistent record of playing well, have a strong fan-base even when they aren’t a top team etc.  Why pay millions of dollars for a lack-luster team to have a new stadium, when their existing one is just fine.  I had this same issue with the Twins field, and have yet to set foot in the stadium for any reason.

3) State funding.  Plain and simple.  The State has far more pressing things to spend money on that are NOT a stadium..  They can’t balance the budget as is, and yet offer up millions for a stadium.  No. Fix the budget, fix the roads, fix taxes, fix your dang salary, fix education, fix any number of things that require money before it’s wasted on a needless stadium

4) Taxpayer funding.You can be damn sure, that if my tax dollars were going to fund the stadium, I would be extremely upset.  I want my tax dollars to go towards useful and wise choices, not wasted on a pointless stadium for a crappy team.

(A side note, I’m all for a reformed tax filing, where you allocate what percentage of your taxes go to what interest.  My guess it, you’ll have a majority of the population siding with infrastructure, education, and less on military funding, supporting other countries and stupid crap like new sports stadiums)

5) It’s said a new stadium will bring new business if built somewhere other than the current Dome location.  That’s all fine and dandy, but what happens to the existing establishments close to the Dome that depend on patrons stopping in, such as Huberts.  What about the added bus and light-rail fees generated on game day, local parking facilities.  Not to mention the massive amount of workers at the Dome that would more than likely be out of work due to being unable to commute to Shoreview, Arden Hills, or wherever else they consider putting it.  Someone said something about each reaction has an equal and opposite something something..

All in all, the approach is just flat out wrong.  If the Vikes want a stadium, pony up and pay out of pocket and don’t rely on a bailout.

What are your thoughts on this horrid plan?  Do you want to see your tax and state dollars go to a waste instead of investing in improving one a dozen or do you think it’s a good idea.

Whatever your opinion, I’d love to hear it.