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Time To Put On The Brakes

Brake System Overhaul

Now that that the ’52 has come home and she’s got a nice flat (and warm) place to work this winter, the first thing I’m starting with is the brake system.  Well, so, there are a few other things to do, such as scrape off 50 years of sludge, change fluids etc, but the first big thing will be to go over the brakes.  I have new wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder to replace.  I replaced some leaking wheel cylinders and rebuilt the master 2 years ago with a simple rebuild kid, however, it still doesn’t work like it should.  One of the big issues is, the main line coming from the rear of the master was kinked when it was loaded at some point in time, so I only have 1/4 of the brakes actually working reliably.


Replacing the short 1/4″ line from the master over to the T should solve that.  This is a little bit of an odd configuration, as there is a T coming from the back of the cylinder.  One leg runs to the front left wheel, and the other leg runs to another Tee, which runs to the front right wheel, and the other runs to the back wheels.


After seeing that this is going to be a more simple fix than I first thought, I’m looking forward to getting 4 wheels that actually stop.  As long as I have the wheels off, I’m going to go thru anything else I can get too, such as the likely original or at least 35-year old shocks, some of the bushings, and the sway bar.


Since I do get a little distracted, I did take a few minutes to give one side of the hood a little love with the clay bar and some rubbing compound/cleaner wax.  I do say, I’m pretty impressed with the potential the old paint still has.


More to come!

Master Cylinder
Kinked Lines
Pre Clean