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Sundowner Project

The History:

I’ll need to provide a little backstory on the Sundowner project here as some time has passed since we first started this endeavor. In the sprinter of 2016, MissTris and I went in search of a horse trailer. Also, another horse so I could take up riding with her.  We were initially seeking a bumper pull to hook up to our Tahoe. After looking around, we found that the bumper pull would be OK for the immediate time. It could transport two horses, but left much to be desired for sleeping arrangements.  A combo sleeper/tack space would not work, due to my allergies, and tenting with dogs is a disaster.


While we found bumper pull options, they were getting a little large for the Tahoe to pull when loaded.  The Tahoe had 200k miles on it, and the transmission would be the weakest link once we started pulling horses.


After looking a little more at a smaller BP just to handle an emergency vet run, or day trip locally, we checked out a few gooseneck options. We found that with only a little more investment, you got a much better value.  Sure, you’re looking at 10-year-old trailers, but if well maintained or just fine for our needs.


After taking a gander at the options and see what we’d need to save for a trailer we would need to go home and look at pick-up options in addition to the goose-neck.  The Sales Person mentioned they just received a 2005 F350 and it has not even been looked over, detailed etc.


We were not looking for a 1-ton, much less a dually.  However, when we checked it out, we both were interested.  It was a bit dirty from general use, but well within reason for me to clean up and bring back to near new.  It had 92k miles on it, and while it had the often-troublesome 6.0 PSD, it had been recently bulletproofed.


We did the math, had it checked out and bit the bullet and ponied up some dough for the combo deal.  The ’99 Sundowner 2730, which is a 3-horse slant with a weekender/tack-space up front, and the 2005 King Ranch.


I’ll put the details of the King Ranch (AKA King George or Truck Norris, depending on the company) Truck Norris’ thread