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Stop Right There

So, since I got Trouble, it’s always had a brake problem. I tried the cheap rebuild kit for 20$ just to hope it would stop leaking brake fluid faster than I could fill the master cylinder. That helped some, replacing the wheel cylinders helped as well, but what it really needed was the master cylinder to be replaced.


It’s not really a hard task to manage, but is much easier if your floor boards are missing like mine were at the time and you get at most of the stuff from the topside.  The only bothersome part was that the clutch pedal assembly was also connected thru the brake cylinder enclosure, which had a few working parts to manage to get off and back on correctly..  Lucky for me, I’ve yet to encounter a bolt of importance which has been rusted on beyond the point of no return!

With this completed, I also replaced the main line going to the rear brakes as it had become kinked at one point in time being loaded on a trailer. This significantly helped the overall braking, however the front left bites much harder than the others, so some adjustment is still needed on the brakes themselves. Possibly replacing the shoes all around now, and drums since I have stopped the leaky brake fluid at the wheels.



Brake Cylinder on a 1954 Chevy Styleline