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Spitfire Updates – June 25th, 2012

I finally was able to get brakes completely bled, full of new fluid and a nice firm pedal.  I also fixed the brake light switch that was damaged when I pulled off the original master cylinder.  So, short of now needing to replace the front calipers (front left pulls harder than right) We are pretty much set.

I’ve gone over both front brakes in the past, honed the cylinders, and I think after nearly 40 years, I’m simply going to replace them with new Girling parts.  The only other two things I plan to do this summer are checking the gearbox fluid level and replacing the valve cover gasket, as it seems to weep a wee bit of oil from the gasket (along with a smidge from underneath somewhere)

I’d like to start prepping the frame this fall, however with a number of other projects to do, and bills to pay, that may be put off once again.  I don’t expect the rebuild to be a complete nightmare, but I know it will take longer and end up costing more than I’m expecting..