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Spitfire Updates, April 26 – 2012

After a winter of sleeping in the garage, I uncovered the Spit this month, and summarized my plans for this year. First off, I spotted my brake cylinder decided to drip all over my floor mat (old rubber Volvo mat, no biggie). So, I ordered a seal kit for that, and decided I would finally replace the fuel pump, which liked to drop on the starter on and off. I also picked up a new valve cover gasket, as the current one leaked over so slightly.

I got the fuel pump replaced this week, and right off the bat, I could tell this will be a significant improvement. There appears to be far more pumping power behind it, and I now do not need to crank the car over for 5 seconds to get it to fire. It popped right off. I’m hoping that will translate into a little better performance.

I shall get the brake seals and gasket replaced soon enough, and I also want to do something with the carb. It’s the original single SU with the manual choke. I’ve contemplated putting the twin on, getting some aftermarket unit etc. For now, I think I’m simply going to rebuild this carb and see how that goes, and make it last until I rebuild the engine when it gets the new frame.

Hopefully, I can get these things done at the beginning of May, and be able to spend some time running around town with the top down.

If anyone has any suggestions on carbs, or tips on rebuilding the single SU, I’d love to hear them.