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Social Etiquette

As I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep near 11pm, I got a text message from a friend.  It got me to thinking what time is an acceptable time to send a text or call at night, and when is it too late?

I understand that if you are in an emergency, you’re entitled to call anyone you think will pick up a phone, but on a weeknight, when people have to be up for work early the next day, I think anytime after about 10pm is too late to be texting.  Personally, I have my phone next to the bed for the alarm clock M-Th, and leave it in my office on the weekends, as I don’t need an alarm..  Even with rules I have for silent times at night, the screen still lights up, and it’s as bright as a headlight shining in your window, but 4″ from your face.

I don’t so much care on weekends, but for the weekdays, what is your opinion on late night texting, or first thing in the morning for that matter.  Being an earlier riser than most of my friends, I have to think twice about a tweet or replying to a text from the previous night when I roll out of bed at 6am.

Whatever your thoughts on it, let me know!