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Sals Angus Grill ~ Withrow, MN

Photo by Tim Dachtera

First off, I will admit the poor quality of the photo, I didn’t have the good camera with me, and cleaned it up as well as I could. It’s much more appealing looking up close and personal.

Eileen and I went out to visit the parents over the weekend, partly to take a look at Mom’s computer (stupid video card drivers broke), give them a demo of Wii Fit, and also to score a meal at Sal’s. Having been up to Sal’s a number of times before, I was certainly up for making the trip up to Stillwater. After a quick fix of driver updates, and laughing hysterically at us playing with the Wii Fit, and trying to see Dad balance, we headed up for a bite. Sal’s has had a few different names over the 25 years my Parents have lived nearby. It was the Keystone Lounge for many years, a favorite place to go after little league and have a soda while the parents and coaches had a beer, and was no larger than an overgrown trailer home at that time.

Over the years it’s had a few names, and has been Sal’s Angus Grill for the past few. It’s had a major remodel and addition to give it substantially more seating, a larger bar area and a ‘lodge’ style decor inside, complete with large fireplace in the corner to warm the passing patrons on their snowmobiles. (They also have a heated service van outdoors to act as the ‘smoking’ section during the winter months, complete with music and tiki lights inside last I saw. Currently, the place attracts customers of every type, from sledders to families, to the regular crowd at the bar. It’s as close to a ‘small town’ bar as I can see in the immediate area, that also has a great eatery.

The menu is quite varied and more than I had expected for a restaurant that’s kind of out in the sticks. They have an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, pastas, salads, ribs and apps that border on the gourmet side, such as bruschetta that is as good as any 5-star restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. They also have soups and lighter items if you choose. In the past, I’ve had the potato skins, bruschetta, nachos, buffalo chicken sandwich, etc and have been impressed with every meal.

On this particular visit I went with the basic burger, with bacon and pepper jack cheese added, as I had an appetite for a big old burger. It is served up with american or regular french fries, both are excellent depending on your preference. My mom ordered a loaded potato, dad opted for the ‘cock bites’ off the app menu, which is essentially chopped up bites of chicken breast, with seasoning and flavor on them, but not breaded. They make an adequate meal for one, or split as an app. Eileen got a burger as well, and we both found them to be excellent. Cooked medium with a slight amount of pink in the middle, juicy and flavorful. They are served with lettuce, tomato and onion on a fresh and soft bun, but not too large to overtake the size of the patty. We all agreed that our meals were excellent, and Eileen and I both left a bit full, but agreed that the meal was too good to leave behind or save for a take-home box (that’s what the gym is for afterall, no?)

Our server, was on top of our table, ensuring we had drinks, checking on our food and overall seeing that we were happy with our meals. For a Sunday night, the place wasn’t all that busy, and they appeared to have ample staff on hand to cover the crowd that was in the place. I didn’t see our final bill, as my parents picked up the tab, but you can see the menu on line and estimate what your ticket would be. Most meals are between $9 and $13, unless you go with the ribs or steaks which start about $15 and go up.

I can’t say that I’ve been displeased with any of the items I’ve had at Sal’s, and always am happy to get out and have a bite there. While it is a little drive North/West of Stillwater a little bit, near the newly re-opened Withrow Ballrom, it’s certainly worth the trip out if you’re looking for excellent food, and want something other than a chain quality experience.

Have you eaten at Sal’s? I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Sal’s Angus Grill
2010 Keystone Ave
Withrow, MN 55082