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Riding, Oklahoma and other fun things

Spark Show at Pawnee, OK

Spark Show - Photo by Tim Dachtera

So, the last few weeks have been pretty fun, and the next few weeks are shaping up to be pretty fun as well. Here’s a little recap of what’s been, and what will be!

Running: Well, I’ve given up on the whole trying to run/ride after work at night.  There are just too many things to do.  So, I’ve opted to get my ass out of bed at 5:30am instead, and trade off between jogging and riding.  So far it’s been working, especially if I can drag myself out of bed at 5:30 on a Monday morning.  The scale did manage to tip in the favorable direction last week, so I’m quite happy about that.

Shows: A bunch of us ventured down to Pawnee, OK for the show down there last week, and it was certainly a good experience.  It was fun to travel 700 miles across the country, and still be in the company of new people who know the people you know from back home.  We were 6 Minnesotan’s that came down to run a steam engine, who talked funny according to the OK residents.  I sure had a good time running the Baker engine.  Here’s a few photos from Facebook, and video clips on YouTube.

We’ll be headed up to Rollag for Memorial weekend coming up here soon, which should be an exciting weekend for a handful of reasons. 🙂  With some new upgrades to Cushman 2.0 (we might be on v2.3 by now) for the camera boom, the new set of batteries and more camera toys to play with, this years DVD for Rollag should be pretty good. Being it our 5 year anniversary of doing the DVD’s for Rollag, we’ll be putting in some fun clips of behind the scenes and how we get the shots we get.  Also, in June, I’ll be attending Steam School, in prep to get my MN boilers paperwork, so I can run an engine if the opportunity is presented.

MS-150: The 2011 MS-150 is quickly approaching.  While I do have some funds raised, I need to get a handful more to reach my goal.  If you’d like to support me, please click this link to do so!  I’m looking forward to getting back together with a bunch of the team I used to ride with, so pending weather, it should be a good weekend!  Feel free to visit us at Grand Casino, or celebrate our return at Century College.

Stupid House: Still have the house on the market, and it just needs to go away.  It’s a wonderful house if you have no kids, or 1-2 kids that can sleep alone since the master suite is upstairs.  Huge back yard and 2.5 car garage with lots of space.  Recent paint in most of the rooms and refinished hardwood.  We just need more garage space actually, and a mortgage with no past attached to it.

Freelance: I’ve been keeping busy working on my TractionCMS platform for some of my clients that are still 100% home rolled, and also been working with a number of other clients to create new, or update old sites to some present web trends for better usability, e-commerce and improved SEO functionality.  If you know anyone who is looking for a website, please send them my way.

That’s pretty much it in my world for the moment!