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Photography ~ As If I Need More Projects

(C) 2010 Tim Dachtera

Photograph by Tim Dachtera

Many of you know I’ve dabbled in photography for a number of years. I’ve done portrait sittings for local Real Estate groups, parties for the Yacht Club, MLS photography via Obeo, and taken thousands of photos camping, outdoors and at Rollag.

I’ve started to collect a number of good photos that I’d like to put a price on, either for a digital copy, or by print or framed print.

I know I can manage the online digital downloads etc, however I’m a bit at a loss of where to start looking for framers or printers for the photos. Some photos are panoramas and could be broken up into 3 photos to occupy an empty wall (that is my current plan for a recent pan I’ve taken) Some would do just fine as 8×11, of which I can handle in-house. One photo actually ended up on a billboard last year.

The other question I’m coming up with over and over, – What do I charge? I know I’d need to cover the cost of materials, however I undervalue my creative talent and time big time. Granted the photos of rare sites and those that require more setup or post work would be more. I’m really at a loss of what to tack on tho..

Any suggestions welcome!

Simple Times

Photograph by Tim Dachtera