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New site launched – Drivers Beware

Photo uploaded by Tim Dachtera

Photo uploaded by Tim Dachtera


I’ve had this thought kicking around in my head for a number of years, and when I first thought about it, WordPress, formalized blogging weren’t really around, nor was the concept of sending photos from your cellphone to a website.  The land before Facebook I guess you could say. is a simple notion.  If you run across (or get run over) by a crappy driver, post it here.  Send a pic if you can, well, check out the site for details.

I mainly wanted to create awareness our there for a large amount of insanely asinine drivers that cut you off, forget where the blinker is, and lose track of the skinny pedal on the floorboard, and maybe let the Authorities pick up on this and get their quota by nailing the little laws everyone forgets about, and let the rest of us maintain our cruising speed of 8-10mph over the posted limit.

So, check it out, tell your friends, and the more traffic that’s generated, the more we’ll all be aware of ‘that person’ – Some of us can multitask on in the car, and by that I mean drive, eat a taco and fiddle with the radio.  To those of us that can’t manage to check your rear view mirror without swerving, expect your information to show up sometime sooner or later.