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January Recap

So, I start the year off thinking I’m going to make a weekly post about whatever, and that just doesn’t happen because well, I’m just not that interesting! [usually]  So, I’m going to shoot for a monthly recap, which might be a little more easy to manage.


To start off 2012 was pretty good.  We rang in the new year with some good friends from Rollag.  I also bought into a a cash pool for a weight loss competition with some co-workers to see who could lose the most weight from Jan 1 to Feb 28.  So far I’ve managed to lose just over 7 pounds this month.  I started back on the P90X routine 3 nights a week or so, but will try and get out and run if the weather is nice.  Between really trying to limit my portions, working out and cutting out the Captains during the week have been big helps.  I have a goal of losing some weight, and making some quick cash in the process, so it’s a pretty good motivator.

I got fed up with my office being primer white, so we picked out some nice rich colors to update the walls with.  With a little re-arranging the the office looks pretty good, and is quite a bit darker with the new paint.  This has spurred me to instal can lights, so that will be next on the ‘to-do’ list.  In time, I’ll be expanding the can lights to the rest of the house, as they look modern and I think would really improve the lighting in the house as we go thru and update colors.

As for editing and freelance work, I’ve got a big gig coming up in February that is a repeat customer, as well as some other recurring work.  I picked up a few new tools for better overall filming.  I’m also taking some added education to help give my freelance/photo work a little more of a jumpstart.  I’m trying to build up that business to bring in added recurring income for fun money or a rainy day.  Overall, I’m trying to stay busy!

While it may sound like I’m overly busy as always, things have settled down, and I’ve gotten back into a schedule which works pretty well.  I’ve even been able to take a sunday morning stroll thru Menards, Target and Cub to get groceries, and little tid bits of whatever..  Oddly, it’s a bit soothing to wander thru Cub in the morning.

Overall, if the rest of 2012 goes as January, then it will be a great year!