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Its Camping Tyme, – Old Style!

Photo by Tim Dachtera

Photo by Tim Dachtera

Following thru with my intent this year to get out camping in some fashion at least once a month from May until October, I booked the first trip of the year up at Interstate Park in in St. Croix Falls, WI. This park has been a favorite of mine for many years, due to it’s close proximity to me (only about an hour away), it’s in Wisconsin, which means the beer is flowing, and it has a ample amount of caches and hiking trails to enjoy. Step over to the MN side, and you have numerous other pothole trails to venture, and if you’re up for some more river-based scenery, take the boat tour.

In addition to the hiking, caches and riverboat, you can rent a canoe or kayak and either float down to one of two stops a few miles down the St. Croix.

The campsite itself offers as I mentioned trails, caches and a great deal of nature to see along the way. Personally, I’m a big fan of the bluffs overlooking the river, and could spend a day out there shooting photos of whatever I can find. There are three camping areas, the North camp, primarily the family camp with a newer shower house and a big open area for recreation. Typically on smaller trips I’ve camped here, and had a few choice spots return to each year. Being close to the 4th of July weekend, most of the spots were full, and I did not want to nestle myself (and fellow campers) near the camp-host or a family with little kids, because we can get a little rowdy at times. Also, you will occasionally hear a jake-brake from a Semi coming down a nearby road, however, that’s few and far between. Overall you feel pretty secluded.

The group sites were already full as well, but from past experiences, the two sites are great, however sometimes have a few skeeters. Not having been to the south camp, I thought it was time, and made a reservation there.

I’ve been trying to hook up with Bill and his wife Kim for a few years, but our schedules never jived until now, so we finally have a trip on the calendar, and hopefully can find another couple to round out the 6-person limit to the site.

Here’s hoping for good weather, a little hiking and caching, and beer of course!

If you’re looking for some good camping close to the Twin Cities metro, look Interstate up on ReserveAmerica. It’s a easy to navigate site being utilized by the vast majority of state and fed parks these days, and is seldom to find a park you can call up to reserve a site, short of the ‘first come first serve’ drive-up sites offered by some parks.

Interstate State Park
851 State Rd. 35 P. O. BOX 703
St. Croix Falls WI 54024