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Getting Amped Up – Adding in Shore Power

As part of the overall finishing project, we are getting amped up by adding in a correct power source.  The ‘weekender’ setup was simply a standard 15A plugin outlet which fed inside to the Air conditioner and 2 outlets.  There was no form of breakers or panel inside.  Personally, even from the factory, I would have preferred to see some form of breaker; or even a GFCI outlet.


Oh well, it all comes out!


We plan to install this model here, which is 30A capable on the AC side.  It includes 3 slots for breakers, and if you wish to use up to 5 circuits, you can do so with double breakers.Power Unit

For us, getting amped up means we have the following setup:

  • Double-30 for the main breaker and the air conditioner unit.
  • Double-15 for the mini-fridge, and microwave
  • Double-15 for a few outlets inside, and an exterior outlet.


In addition to the 30A of AC service, it provides up to 55A of DC service in multiple fused connections.  Lastly, and most important for me, it also will maintain your 12V system when plugged into shore power.  I already had a 50′ Marine grade power cable on hand and added new ends to be compatible with the park power vs. marine power.

Here is a link to the converter and breakers should you need: