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Here is the start of the 75′ Spit restoration (long term project) – Named the G-Raffe by my father who likes the long necked animal, I kept the name when I picked up collector plates for it.

I pulled it from storage in 2007, after it sitting since I had obtained my drivers lisc. in 1994 (striking correlation, right?)  The deal was, if we could get it started, and I could drive it away, it was mine.  Otherwise, it was going away.

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Determined to get it started, we pushed it out of the garage, pulled the tank and cleaned anything out that had been sitting and put in some fresh gas.  After a new battery and a few shots of starting fluid, it amazing popped right off.  After a quick trip around the neighborhood to see that it would make the 30 mile trip home, I gave it a bath and covered it up again until I picked up current tabs.

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One of my first priorities was to replace the tires, and front brake lines, as those were visibly old and in need of replacement.  As long as I had the tires off the rims, I took the opportunity to blast and repaint the basic steel wheels.  I have since gotten new lugs, which added quite a bit.  I also gave the thing a solid detailing to clean it up as much as possible.

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Also, I noted when we pulled it out of storage that there was some rust/rot under the rear end, so with some help from my Uncle who has been a hot rod guy all his life, we welded in some new box for some strength.  I have been able to locate a new frame since, and that has prompted a full body-off restore plan, however, that will be a long project I fear, just due to financial needs.

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I replaced the rear shocks (I know, not the correct ones, however, at the time, it was all I could readily get to get the rear off the ground).  I replaced the cross-leaf in the back as well.

While I had the car in parts, I thought I would go thru it, and replace the tunes, and also redo the seats.  I couldn’t justify spending the money on new ones, so I spent a number of hours at the sewing machine doing them myself, patterned off of the old fabric, and installed new foams.  Did not turn out to bad, even with adding in the piping.

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