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Florida Time!

Aah yes, the time has come once again for the trip to Florida. 5 days in the sun, with some other Rollag Friends, and no work, snow or cold weather. My parents have been awesome and offered to watch the four-legged kids for the long weekend, which will be GREAT. Recalling from last year, flying your pet with you, is almost as expensive as flying yourself, and you have to ensure there is room for your pet, as at least Sun Country and NWA (Now Delta) have a 2-pet per flight limit.

We’ll be down in the Ft. Myers/North Port area, so if you have any ideas of where to do, please let me know! I’m sure we’ll hit up a few places I went to last year such as Joe Cracker’s, but will most likely stay away from Snook Haven, unless we feel real adventurous.

Do you have a favorite place in the area to stop by? Also, we’ll be spending most of our last day in Orlando, so aside from Disney, ideas there would be great too!