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Fatty isn’t so fat anymore.


Since I don’t get much opportunity to go out and try new places to eat, go fun places or do stuff [mainly because this time of the year it’s cold out, and I am being more thrifty with my spending] I’ve decided to bore you all with more boring news on my fitness goals.

While I do admit taking the week of Thanksgiving off to finish up some projects and get stuff done, I’m back on the wagon now 110%. Being able to double my workout times at night I hope will show some serious results being able to combine both cardio and weight training in a nightly routine. I’m shooting for jogging 2-3 miles per night, and then my regular lifting pattern, which is getting close to maxing out the weights.

In addition, I’m back to cutting back most of my alcoholic libations short of maybe a rum and coke or light beer or two during the week. – My liver had it’s punishment at all the shows this summer, so I can let it hibernate for the winter. Also given up at the end of the show season, and hopefully for good is the ‘fresh air’ – Jokingly I said all summer that it was the cleanest air you’d breath at a show because it was filtered, but is still something I don’t really need.

I’m also working hard to continue improving my meals. Breakfast and lunch are not really an issue, as I have the same thing, Whole wheat toast with PB, Egg beaters with a little cheese and pre-cooked bacon and Organic 0% milk.

Lunch is usually 2 apples (AM/PM snack), turkey or chicken sandwich on wheat toast with cheese, spinach and mustard. Supper is the more difficult part, and where I usually end up derailing. Making food for two, usually results in leftovers, and I’m prone to eat them vs. put them away, since I really don’t like most leftovers and dislike throwing away food.

In addition, I also have a jug of Max Protein sitting on my desk at work which I’ll make up for a shake in the afternoon, and some Thermo and Metabo helpers as well as daily manly vitamins to ensure I stay strong and healthy as I age. Also, I’ve made a choice to cut out morning coffee or soda, which I really don’t need.

Myself, much like most people have a hard time seeing the changes in themselves on a daily basis since we see ourselves in the mirror every day. When you run into people you haven’t seen in a few months or weeks like friends and family that notice and give you a compliment, that is great. While I have my reasons for getting fit besides just the health aspect of it, I know people do it for all different reasons, and have many ways of going about it.

I’ve done Atkins, I’ve done WW, and tried a few other of the ‘fads’ that have come and gone. For me, I’ve found the best plan is to just find a routine that fits in your daily life, and a food plan that won’t make me crazy.

When I started my goal to lose weight back in late 2008, I was hovering about 245 or so, way more than I wanted to weigh. I’m currently sitting about 225, and would like to get to 200-210.. I realize I’m kind of built like a tank, so I will never be a poster boy for Twin Monthly, but I just want to get rid of that stubborn midsection and add a bit more definition. My legs and arms are doing pretty well. It’s just the middle that needs to go away.

To those of you have who complimented me, encouraged me etc, thank you.

That’s my .02 for the day..