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Fall Weight Loss Plan

OK, yes, I’m still on the ‘Fatty needs to lose weight’ warpath. I did a decent job this spring of losing a few percent of my BMI, a few pounds and adding some muscle in and overall getting in better shape with eating better and drinking less.

Then summer came..

The start of the steam show season, being busy and having too many projects on deck that caused me to put my fitness aside. Now that shows are about over, projects are wrapped up and I’m having more free time, I will be getting back on the wagon. I think the biggest thing that hurt my summer were the 8 weekends at shows in various places which began with a Friday Chipotle stop on the way out of town. Don’t get me wrong, I love my burrito, but starting off with a 1600 calorie bomb on a Friday where your next three hours will be in a car, and followed by a few nights (days) of drinking more than one should to maintain a diet.. It gets to be a bunch.

Add on top of that eating here and there when you can at shows, and usually it’s a pizza, PBJ or brats and chips.. Not all that healthy. Add too little sleep on top of that and it’s just a recipe for needing a Monday afternoon nap by Monday morning!

In addition, I had so many projects going on this summer, mainly Cushman 2.1 for Rollag which consumed a few hundred hours of my life and many, many nights in the garage along with new websites for the Rollag Store and enhancements to the main site.

All in all, the excuses are many, but it boils down to me not putting my health and fitness goals at the top of the list. Partly that’s OK, because I need to get out, and have other responsibilities, but partly I could have managed time better.

SO – For this fall, now that the shows are done and I have more time on my hands, my goal is to return to working out 4 days a week, either on the treadmill, weights or that punishment called P90X. Going to go back to not visiting the Captain much or help the Miller Brewing stock.. My big pitfalls will be the days I telecommute, where I’ll have free access to the fridge and anything in the house..

How am I going to measure my progress? – Well in a number of ways. I started a group on Facebook this spring called “Loser To Some Degree” which I’m going to try and get back into posting on. I also have my Wii Fit with the balance board, and plan to use that to track my weight and BMI loss. I’m stepping back on that scale for the first time in about 6 weeks tomorrow morning (the last time we were home on a Friday) and see how bad it is. If I have either maintained, or lost weight or BMI, I will be content, otherwise, I’ll probably beat myself up a bit like normal. I also have a few ways to track on my DROID. I have a neat little app called CardioTrainer which allows me to record my workout and upload it to one of many sources, I chose Facebook. With Cardio Trainer, I can track my workouts, setup a schedule and routine and get reminders when I should be working out. For tracking what I eat, I have CalorieCounter from I can enter in my daily meals, scan the barcodes of food I eat often and setup a meal plan. This syncs with the site, and also plugs into facebook to share or work with your other friends trying to watch their intake.

All in all, I think I have a good plan, and could really use a workout buddy, either near the house or via online. If money presents itself this winter, I might sign up for a trainer for a few months to help as well, but I still can’t justify the Lifetime membership since I have equipment at home (but I’d really like a membership, LTF rocks!)

Anyways, comments, remarks, bashing? Go for it.