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Computer Hardware Resell/Donations

Photo by Tim Dachtera

It’s no real secret that I’m kind of a technology whore. I’m quick to take in any old, yet still useful computer gear (with the exception of the TekTronix terminal). Mainly, I’ve gotten gear from businesses or family/friends that are offloading it, because they don’t need it, and/or don’t want to take the time to refurbish and resell it.

I am now getting a stockpile of computers again (mostly server grade, dual CPU, SCSI, RAID etc) and will be cleaning them up and selling them locally. My goal is to take the proceeds and donate them to a non-profit organization.

If you have any hardware that you are looking to get rid of, that would be of any cash value, I’d be happy to clean it up, and send it on it’s way! The other alternative, is they sit in your basement, and annoy your spouse that you have ‘too many computers’