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Fatty isn’t so fat anymore.

So, Since I don't get much opportunity to go out and try new places to eat, go fun places or do stuff [mainly because this time of the year it's cold out, and I am being more thrifty with my spending] I've decided to bore you all with more boring news on my fitness goals. While I do admit taking the week of Thanksgiving off to finish up some projects and get stuff done, I'm back on...

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Fall Weight Loss Plan

OK, yes, I'm still on the 'Fatty needs to lose weight' warpath. I did a decent job this spring of losing a few percent of my BMI, a few pounds and adding some muscle in and overall getting in better shape with eating better and drinking less. Then summer came.. The start of the steam show season, being busy and having too many projects on deck that caused me to put my fitness aside. ...

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