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Carb Rebuild

After many seasons of a carb that is just horrible, both age and design, it was time for a carb rebuild.  A few years back, the large diaphragm at the top of the carb split 5 miles from home. I nursed it home with a combination of choke and pedal fiddling.  Luckily, I had a spare junk carb in the trunk. The rubber was still in great shape. That’s lasted me the last few seasons and now was as good of time as any to rebuild it.

Some Details:

The leak appeared at the seal between the carb and the bowl.  It liked to weep fuel out right near the exhaust header. After the rebuild, the leak was STILL there. It wound up being a crap bit of fuel line right as it attached to the carb.  After that was placed, I had no more leaks and a rebuilt carb.


Not a terrible amount to show here other than my own reference pictures for reassembly.  I let it soak in the bucket o’ cleaner from Napa for a day. Then I cleaned off the other parts and assemblies pretty well.  All the ports were blown clear of any lingering crud and cleaner and it was re-assembled without issue.


I got the parts kit from Victoria British, along with the new valve cover gasket I’ve wanted to replace for a few years.  The gasket was simple to get off, but overall it was hard as a rock.  I didn’t have much leakage, but just enough where the back of the cover and block/bell housing were moist, so with any luck, this will address that topic.