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Blink Bonnie Subs


I’ve had this post sitting in queue for quite some time, October actually, and really haven’t had the time, need, or desire to finish, but I may as well, and get it over with.

I visited the newly opened Bonnie Blink Subs while running errands on lunch, hoping to find some unique sandwich that was not your run of the mill sub. Seeing this was the first day or two they had been open, I’m going to cut them a little slack, and even with the experience I’m about to describe, feel I owe them a second chance.

I walked in shortly before noon expecting some rush, and disorganization, but was a little shocked at the level of chaos I found. Staff was scrambling to deal with the load, no apparent uniforms had been devised, and I was slightly turned off by one of the staff’s bloody skull and bones T-shirt advertising a local radio station. Not really what I want to see as I’m preparing to eat.

Despite the chaos which I’m sure will heal with time and organization (they were frantically calling in additional staff), the sandwich didn’t seem all that appealing to me either when all was said and done. Upon first glance, the bread looked to be much like that from the Freaky Fast sub shop, and the meat portions and prep could have been copied right from Jarod’s paycheck. The taste was just about as exciting as the presentation, Nothing special. I’m not really even going to comment past that.

I know there are a few of them around, but not the quantity of the big chains, and I had hoped for more. While I don’t think they are a bad place, I didn’t notice anything to make them stand out above the rest. They do have some soups and other non-sandwich items, but I really don’t care for soup, and didn’t bother to try.

I believe I should give them a second try, since they’ve had a few months to get organized and hopefully have done something to make them stand out a little more from the rest of the sandwich shop herd in the area.