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Ball Joint Replacement On A 2005 F-350

One of the points of concern on Norris when we purchased it, was ball joint replacement.  The inspection showed they were worn, which was causing some cupping of the front tires and vibration in steering.  It actually turned out to be the primary cause of the road noise, and secondary cause of the rough ride.

After doing a bit of checking online with various sources, I decided on picking up some Moog ball joints.  I don’t have photos of the repair due to a massive Verizon blunder and wiping my phone during a backup of data, but there are a ton of videos online on the process.

The Process:

A large issue I had was pressing out the old ball joints.  I did this with a cluster contraption of a bearing press (aka, a bottle jack and blocks spanning my concrete stairwell). I was able to press out the old joints.  After looking around a handful of options for ball joints, I did go with the Moog option.  There are a ton of options from your generic parts up to the Moog lines. Since I really only wanted to take this stuff apart once, I opted for the more expensive Moog parts.  The models I got also included the grease points which I service with an oil-change.

With the axles out, I decided to replace the seals going into the axle housing and the knuckle seal.  I found the passenger hub was worn, so this was replaced as well.  Once done, we had an alignment performed, and that was trued up.

After locating another set of Hankook A7M tires to match the rears, Norris was running straight and true down the road.

The car guys wanted about $1,200 to replace with parts and labor, just for the ball joints alone.  I think I spent about 200$ on the Moog parts from Amazon, and then another $150 on the seals.  I invested less than 80$ at Harbor Freight to pick up some larger impact sockets for the front end.  I had a bunch of my time invested in labor and learning, but it was well worth the savings in my opinion.

If you’re looking for parts, be sure the double check the sizes for shafts, and with or without ABS.  I also found in some cases, having a dually also produced different part numbers.