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Trouble Comes Home

Bringing Trouble Home

After spending a few years up north, I thought this would be a good time to bring home the ’52 for some winter work weekends.  My indoor storage is no longer available to me this year, so if she’s going to sit outside, it would be better at home than up at Rollag.  So, with a few trailers to choose from to use (thanks to some generous friends,) I just need to pick a day to run up and get it along with the Cushman batteries.


There have been quite a few things I’ve done so far, small things like plugs, some brake parts to make it kind of stop and the biggest thing this spring was a new set of tires that are not 30+ year old bias ply.  I’ve got a list of things to do, and the parts to use, but up at Rollag, there isn’t a good place to do it, that is dry, flat, and safe to work.  Also, you know you’ll need the tool you don’t have.


I have new brakes to put in all-around and a new brake cylinder.  New lines to put in as well.  The fuel tank will finally get dropped and cleaned.  The fuel gauge stopped working last summer too, so I’ll fix that and return every button and knob to working order (short of the radio)  I’m not sure if I’ll fix that.  Fuel lines will be replaced too.


A new exhaust will be put on to replace the hacked up band-ain in place now, and likely some clean up under the hood to clean up 50+ years of grime.


The interior, well, that’s another story.  Another long story.  I’ll focus on the mechanical aspect of it for this winter and see where we get!


More to come as I get it home and dig into it.

1952 Chevy
Coming Home

My plans to go pick up the ’52 did not go as planned this weekend.  Norris decided to have a finicky FICM and I was homebound.  Luckily some great friends have a trip south planned and can bring along a straggler